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Related post: Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 02:41:23 +0000 From: RedOne5 Subject: Red Meets Buddy: A That 70's Show ParodyDISCLAIMER: This story contains gay erotic material. If this sort of stuff bugs you, then please leave. This is a parody of That 70's Show and if the thought of some of that show's characters engaging in same sex action also bugs you, again please leave.Some of the fictional characters presented here do not belong to me but to C*W*M Productions and to Fox Television. The characters who are my creation are portrayed by actors over 21 years old (although they appear to look younger on screen), so if Red and Buddy seem somewhat out of character, blame Max, Donny, Jon and Pete for leading them astray. This is my first attempt at writing this type of material, so you decide if it was worth the effort. Finally, this story is to be posted only on FREE Erotic Story Sites, because the main reason I wrote it to begin with was so that I could finally see Red Forman with his pants down. It was a mild October Saturday afternoon in Point Place Wisconsin, the fourth day into an unusually hot Indian Summer where outside the local Price Mart department store, its doors wide open due to a malfunctioning antiquated AC unit , personnel manager Red Forman stood taking pleasure from the warm breeze while attempting to nonchalantly keep his tight gray polyester slacks from pinching his crotch. Red, stepping away from the open front doors, passed by a few customers streaming into the store. He growled under his breath preteen grils to himself, "Damn nutbusters," and stuck his hands deep into his pants pockets in order to do some much needed rearranging of his `equipment`. Unfortunately, he hadn't said it as quietly as he thought. "I beg your pardon?" a heavy set woman curtly asked from behind him, her ears picking up something she knew she better not have heard. Red hunched his shoulders, lifted his hands out of his pockets and slowly turned to face a large woman holding a big handbag whose outraged expression clearly challenged him to: go ahead--I just dare you to say it again, pottymouth! "Eh...nutclusters," Red answered, regaining his composure. "I said damn good nutclusters--we eh, we have a special going our candy may want to pick some up before they're all gone! They're chocolate you know, and you appear to me like a woman who's scarfed down quite a few tons of chocolate over the years!" The woman eyed Red coldly and clutched her oversized purse closer to her ample frame. She then gave a derisive snort, turned back towards the store and exclaimed: "Well I've never been more insulted!" "I seriously doubt that," Red muttered preteen gallery russian as she stormed away. He quickly walked towards the employee parking lot on the side of the building, again tugging the front of his pants away from his crotch while thinking to himself, This is what I get for trying to save a lousy buck! A while ago, for some reason his wife Kitty began to hound him about adding some new slacks to his modest wardrobe. Red put it on the back burner like he always did when it came to his clothes, and Kitty, as always, took care of it herself; nude preteens sex and that was just fine with Red because next to accidentally bumping into his inane neighbor Bob, there was nothing he hated more than shopping for clothes. But on the day day Kitty returned home with a few pair of trousers purchased from some trendy new clothes boutique for men was the day he had to put his foot down and decided he would get involved with shopping after all. "Christ, Kitty--a boutique?" he questioned her in the kitchen, the slacks laying on the counter. "What normal guy in Point Place would even wear something bought at some fruity boutique for pete's sake?" "Well Red ,when I was there they had quite a few male customers browsing ,for your information," Kitty answered. "Why, even Bob came in--eh, ok...very bad example," she said after seeing the look on Red's face, showing that in his mind, she had just proved his point. "Anyway,"she continued, "What is so gosh darn awful about a boutique selling men's fashions? If you want real quality, you just have to go to sexy preteen uniforms the more exclusive outlets and be willing to pay a few extra dollars. I say for a man in your position that there is certainly no reason why you can't dress for success now." "At these prices there most certainly is!" Red bellowed, after looking at the sales receipt. "I work too hard to see my money wasted like this. Why, at Price Mart I bet I can get five decent pairs of pants for what you paid for these, with enough left over for underwear and socks!" "Oh Red--Price Mart?" Kitty questioned him, her hands firmly on her hips, very dubious of the quality of the store's clothes selections. "And what's the matter with Price Mart?" Red asked, feeling the need to defend the source of his income. "Well, nothing...their stuff is ok if you want to buy something to knock about the yard in. But face it Red, Price Mart is an overgrown hardware and appliance store with just enough frills to bring in the non-do-it-your-selfers. I mean, it's not exactly in the same league as Goode-Hedd of London." Red rolled his eyes, barely stifling a laugh. "Oh, please don't tell me you went into some joint named good head?" he said trying to cover his mouth with the side of his hand. "Goode-Hedd is a perfectly respectable British name. And one of the salesman made a point of letting the shoppers know that it is a name well known on Carnaby Street." "More like Sleaze Street if you ask me," Red said, taking Kitty by her shoulders and looking into her eyes closely. "Just try sounding the name out loud slowly dear...believe me, it'll take on an entirely new meaning for you." And Kitty's slightly puzzled expression gave way to one of slow realization, then one of red-faced embarrassment and finally, shocked amusement. "Oh Red," she blushed, laughing in that unique, nasal tone that was completely Kitty Forman, "Saying it without the spelling in mind, it's, well, positively naughty! Oh now isn't that just great--thanks to you, I'll never be able to say that name again without preteen angel sexy getting the giggles!" "There's probably some pansy-ass little tailor prancing around just dieing to take inseam measurements," Red grumbled, staring at the receipt. He then demanded that Kitty return the slacks immediately and get their money back ,and he promised he would show her that it was not impossible to shop economically. Kitty had given him a funny look for a few seconds, he recalled. Then without saying another word, she stuffed the receipt and the slacks back into the fancy bag, walked out of the kitchen, jumped into the car and headed back to Goode-Hedd of London. The very moment she returned, she found Red sitting in the living room in his favorite green chair reading the newspaper. She pushed down the paper, dropped the refund into his lap and locking her eyes with Red's told him, with a touch of frost in her voice: "Here's the money back that you work so hard for. Now you go ahead and show me exactly how shopping should be done, mister." So the next day he did. He had bought four pairs of pants off the bargain rack in Price Mart's men's department and with his employee discount was also able to pick up a pack of underwear and four pairs of socks(he could have gotten another pair of pants and a tie, but he bbs digest preteen didn't have the heart to rub his shopping skills in Kitty's face). "And get this," he bragged to Kitty as they stood in the kitchen, Red pulling the navy blue, brown, gray and green plaid polyester slacks out of the bag, "They're wash and wear--no dry cleaning bill! Just toss `em in with the rest of the laundry and they're ready to wear. So, you see Kitty, sometimes you can find quality at a bargain price, and with the current shape of the economy, at the end of the day, a good bargain is all you need." Red best preteen nudist recalled placing his arm around Kitty and had a big grin on his face while she carefully examined the slacks laying on the counter, reading the labels and feeling the material. And she had looked over at him, smiling back ever so sweetly. At the time, for some reason, Red had found that particular smile a bit unnerving. He had always hated when she smiled like that because it usually would mean that what ever buoyant victory he was enjoying at the end of one of their disagreements would soon be punctured by another one of Kitty's `I told you so` needles--and the thing Red found so infuriating was more often than not, she would be proven right. "Well, I guess you showed me, huh Red," she said through her frozen smile. "I want you to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. And you will wear these to work everyday right? I'll just get rid of your three other old pants now that you have these nice new ones because just anything won't go with that spiffy Price Mart sports jacket of yours, aha-ha-ha-ha-ha! And its so nice that I can save money by washing them for you week after week so they'll always feel good as new, just like the first day you bought them." "Well--that's good," Red said. And dispite the ominous feeling that somehow he was heading for a fall, he knew that he had made the right decision. So he had gathered up the pants and walked towards the door leading into the living room. He turned to Kitty as he backed out of the kitchen and said smugly: "Always remember our motto: Price Mart means high quality at low prices!" Then he winked. God, Red thought, why did I have to wink!? Over the following weeks Red had learned a few hard lessons--the first one was he should always trust his instincts when it came to Kitty having an opportunity of showing him up whenever he wanted to prove her wrong because most of the time he just helped her to prove that she had been right all along; second, sometimes a bargain was just crap wrapped up in high expectations, and third( and this was the most painful ),was that even for the personnel manager, Price Mart would only allow a five percent credit on any returned marked down merchandise in pedo preteen incest good condition and if returned within ten days of the purchase. Eleven days after buying the pants, while bending over to pick up a clipboard he dropped in the stockroom, oriental preteen model the seat of Red's navy blue pants ripped, which he didn't realize until his son Eric, who worked as a Price Mart stockboy(and had heard his fellow employees making fun of Red's exposed underwear) discreetly pointed out the torn pants to his dad after Red had paraded through the store without his jacket on for well over an hour. On day thirteen, the zipper of the green plaid pants got stuck, then young preteens raped broke when Red struggled to free it after relieving himself in the employee restroom. He had spent the rest of that day in his office and at the end of the day, carried his jacket in front of himself folded over his forearm. Meanwhile, Kitty had kept her promise to wash them every week and the warm water had caused them to shrink a little with each washing, so while it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable for him to wear them, Red didn't dare complain because Kitty was always there to loudly remark about the durability of those fine Price Mart slacks(dispite the broken zipper and ripped seat which she mended, humming softly to herself all the while). She made sure Red was within earshot whenever she was ready to pay him another compliment on his great shopping skills, and how he had saved so much money by buying off the bargain rack, how now they didn't have to dip into their tight budget to spend money on new clothes for him. Now the money could be used some new clothes for her. Red remembered that he could only smile, not say a word, but thought to himself often that sarcasm from his japanese preteen dolls wife was becoming really, really annoying. He always swallowed his resentment, determined not to admit to Kitty preteen girlies naked that she had been on the right track all along and vowed to keep those Price Mart polyesters until the day they were no longer repairable. But whether or not they would be wearable for much longer was the question he faced weekly. So now, here was Price Mart's personnel manager Red Forman suffering somewhat indignity under a cloudless blue sky Saturday during this hot October Indian Summer afternoon. The warm breeze outside hadn't cooled him off much, but it was still better than dealing with the oven-like temperatures inside the store. He was still feeling a little sticky and his damn tight pants didn't help the situation any. Sitting in his backyard in a pair of shorts slamming back a few ice cold beers would really feel good right about now, but that would have to wait, because it was only 1:30pm and he had the rest of the day to get through; and for him, that ment breaktime was over and it was time to reenter the second floor sweatbox which was his office. Red stepped back into the building ,onto the salesfloor and was immediately engulfed by the store's muggy air. At least a breeze from the outside circulated throughout much of the first floor thanks to the open doors and strategically placed fans burrowed from the home improvement department. On the second floor, the fans only blew about even muggier air. Red wasn't in a rush to return to his office dispite the mound of paperwork waiting there for him, so he decided to kill a few more minutes by strolling over to the hardware department, and quickly ducked down a paint aisle to avoid running into the heavy set woman he had encountered earlier and who was just leaving the candy department holding two bags of chocolate nutclusters. As he headed towards the back of the paint department, he saw Eric standing by the stockroom doors talking to a dark haired, clean cut teenager holding a can of furniture stain he had just purchased. Red noticed that he was a good looking boy wearing a dark blazer with a beige turtle neck shirt and tan slacks. Eric's friends like Steven and that nitwit Kelso typically went for the I-just-fell-out-of-bed-this-afternoon-and-slapped-on-whatever-was-handy-at-the-time look. You couldn't get them to wear a decent outfit like that, thought Red, unless they were going to one of Pastor Dave's church functions. It appeared to Red that Eric knew the kid babyj preteen well, possibly a fellow student from school, not one of Eric's typical associates, judging him by his attire. Red decided to introduce himself which would allow him to keep his back to the center aisle as the woman strolled pass, no doubt shoveling a fistful of candy into her mouth, he thought to himself. "So Eric," he said, "Gabbing again, eh? Is this what we pay you to do all day?" Red smiled as he approached the boys, all the while looking at the kid in the blazer. "We were just catching up sir," the kid said. "I hope I didn't get you into any trouble Eric." And the kid looked into Red's face, then quickly down to gaze at the fully packed crotch of Red's tight pants. "This is only my dad, Buddy, and he's just jerking my chain. Dad, this is Buddy, one of the guys I know from school." "Hello there Buddy." "Hi Mr. Forman. I've heard some interesting things about you, so it's nice to put a face with the stories," Buddy said looking at Red and then stole another glance down at Red's tight polyesters. "Nice pants," he said with a hungry smile. "They really fit you well." "Eh, thanks," Red answered, a little perplexed by the kid's appraisal of his uncomfortable attire. Given the condition of his slacks, could the boy be putting him on? And why, Red wondered, was he staring at him so hard? "Hey, Eric," Buddy said, "You never said that you had such a ruggedly handsome father." "Ok, knock it off Buddy," Eric said through a tight smile, "Just tone it down a little--he's my dad after all." "Oh, there is absolutely on doubt in my mind that he's a real Daddy all right," Buddy said still smiling at Red, taking in the masculine middle-aged sight presented to his eyes. Red was starting to feel a bit disoriented by the tone of the conversation. If he didn't know any better, he would swear that the kid was trying to flirt with him! But, naw, it wasn't possible, Red thought, so he tried to steer the conversation away from tight preteen pussies himself. "Eh, well, Eric," Red began, scrutinizing Buddy, " How come I haven't seen your friend over at the house with the rest of the guys?" Buddy and Eric exchanged nervous glances, Buddy still smiling, Eric quickly looking away, facing Red. "Well, we don'," Eric began to mutter, but was interrupted by Buddy. "We tend to move in different social circles, Mr. Forman--although I've done my best to get Eric to open up and try something new and liberating." Eric shot Buddy a sharp look. Red put his hands on his hips, pushing back his jacket and Buddy gazed longingly at the display. "A chance to take a break from hanging around with those layabout friends of yours?" he asked Eric. "Now what's wrong with associating with someone like Buddy for a change? After all, he does seem like a pretty straight, clean-cut kid to me." Both Buddy and Eric suddenly burst out laughing, much to Red's annoyance. "What, did I say something funny boys?" he asked with just a little bit of an edge to his voice. "I get the feeling that I'm missing out on some big joke and it's at my expense." "Oh no, Mr. Forman," Buddy said, "It's just old history between Eric and I. We found that our philosophies on lifestyles kind of differ; I suppose we are destined to stroll through life down slightly different paths." "Well. if that path doesn't include hanging out in your frustrated parents' basement all day, doing Lord knows what with a bunch of under achievers whose life goal is to goof off for the next few years until they take up residence in minimum wage-ville, then grab my boy by his arm and pull him down that path with you!" Red said, gently grabbing Eric by his skinny shoulders, who just as gently shrugged him off while Buddy fixed him with an amused, questioning look. "Believe me sir," Buddy said, "I gave it my best shot. Whenever Eric is ready to open up the door, my friends and I will be more than willing to introduce him to an alternative way of life." "I kinda like life on my side of the door," Eric said crossing his arms preteen no nonude over his chest. "You of all people know I don't swing that way Buddy, so again, thanks but nooo thanks!" Red glanced at Buddy, then at Eric. "What do you mean, you don't swing that way? Excuse me, but am I missing something?" he questioned, a nasty realization starting to dawn on him. Buddy leaned in towards Eric. "Well, can't fault a guy for giving it one more try, eh?" he asked Eric through his smile. He then faced Red who was now eyeing him suspiciously. Buddy reached out to shake Red's hand. "Again, nice to meet you Mr. Forman. I better be going; some friends are stopping over today for a little celebration," Buddy said, firmly shaking Red's hand. "Ohh, nice strong grip you've got there Sir!" "Eh, yeah...likewise," Red answered, looking at Buddy through narrow eyes. And as he walked away, Buddy turned around and eyed Red up and down once more. "Man, I just love those pants!" he gushed, giving Red a quick wink before turning and heading towards the exit, swinging the can of stain while he whistled to himself. Eric, grinning at Buddy going into his fag-gag act for Red, something he's seen him do before when he purposely wanted to make some straight feel uncomfortable, started to head through the stockroom doors, but Red grabbed him by the arm, still staring at Buddy as he passed from view. "Now, what the hell was THAT?" he asked Eric. Eric tried not to grin while he answered him. "What? Oh. Buddy can sometimes be a bit--eccentric dad, that's all." Red grunted, looking at his hand. "Eccentric my ass...if I didn't know better, I'd say that boy was just a little too close to tutti fruiti boulevard." "Eccentric, clean cut, tutti fruiti, queer...what do labels really say about a person anyway, huh dad?" Eric said, slipping through the stockroom doors. Red followed him into the stockroom, grabbed him again, forcing Eric to face him. "You tell me the truth. Is that kid eh, you know--" and Red put out his hand, flipping it over in a wishy-washy motion. Eric looked at his dad, barely concealing his amusement at Red's discomfort, pretending not to understand the gesture. "You know what I mean," Red said, "Is he a little light in the loafers--a swishy wishy?" Eric squinted his eyes in mock puzzlement, shaking his head as if he didn't understand Red's inquiries. "Uh, a swishywishy--what?" he asked. "Jesus Eric!" Red exclaimed, exacerbated. "Is the boy a flippin' Homo?" Eric preteen modle thong pretended that he finally understood what Red was getting at by smiling and nodding his head as he answered: "Ohhhh, you want to know if Buddy is gay...well, eh--yep!"And with that, Eric turned on his heels and headed towards the back service elevators. But Red's tight grip on his shoulder stopped him in his tracks. Eric, his shoulder pinched hard by his dad, turned to face Red's glower. "Now son, for your own sake and a good chance of living to see Sunday, I want you to think carefully before answering me," Red asked through tight lips. "Just how do know for sure that kid's a rear end admiral?" Eric let puzzlement play across his face again. "Dad--rear end admiral?" "Goddammit, don't play games with me boy," Red said grabbing Eric by both his shoulders, looking hard at his son's face. "What did he do? What did you do? What did the two of you do!?" Inside, Eric was howling with laughter over Red's fear and concern regarding his sexual orientation. Even though he knew there was no way he and Buddy would ever become butt buddies, it was obvious that Red had his doubts. He thought maybe he should let Red off the hook by telling him what he wanted to hear, that nothing actually happened, that he was only repeating rumors that he heard in school. But hell, where would the fun be in that? "Oh, a while ago he was assigned to be my chemistry partner; we got a chance to know each other better," Eric said slipping out of Red's grasp, putting some space between them while he continued. "His family's kind of well off, and he has a really cool sports car, I think that's why a lot of kids at school like him, that and the fact that he's a good dude, really smart, especially in chemistry and math, has a good sense of humor, knows how to dress well, and--andheoncemadeapassatmeinhiscar--" Red's eyes bulged and he snatched Eric back between two stockroom shelves. "Christ, not so LOUD!" he cried, looking aound to make sure no one was within ear shot. "Now, what the hell do you mean he made a pass at you?" "Well, he did," Eric said, grooving on Red's near nuclear meltdown. "But really, it was nothing major, preteen naturist thumbs dad." Red attempted to calm himself, only succeeding slightly as he fought to reel in his imagination as it splashed images in his head of what may have went on between his son and that boy. "Ok, ok," he said, spinning a scene that was more palpable to his mind's eye. "What was it: he tried to pat nn preteen modeling your leg, right? He tried to ask you out for a date, and after you punched his lights out, you--you told him to get lost, right?" Eric acted as if he was searching his memories before answering Red. "Well, I didn't exactly hit him dad," he said remembering the incident with amusement. "After he kissed me I just--" "He WHAT!?" Red roared. "Calm down dad!" Eric said as the last of the echoes died out in the large stockroom. "It was just a misunderstanding on his part, no harm, no foul. I mean, come on, face it--with this bod, how could he not be tempted by the ol' Forman charm?" Red just stared at Eric, who was only now discovering that stringing his dad along maybe wouldn't be so funny after all. "Gosh dad, that vein on the side of your forehead--it's grown so big--I've never seen it throb so--man it looks positively alien--" Red glared, slowly backing away from Eric. "He kissed you," he hissed. "On the lips?" Eric realized he had foolishly crossed over into extremely dangerous territory and he may have inadvertently pulled Buddy along for a short savage ride on the Hothead Red Express. "Eh, look dad, it just wasn't a big deal! Buddy thought I might be gay because we clicked so well, right from the start," Eric said as he watched a strange expression creep across Red's face, one he didn't think bode too well for him or Buddy. "But I'm not gay; Buddy respected that and backed off." Red seemed to be in a daze as he stood in the middle of the stockroom aisle. "That freak touched my son--" he muttered, his worst fears confirmed; well, almost confirmed. As his imagination spun a scene worse than a mere kiss, one where the two boys rolled around in sinful abandonment in the back of the Vista Cruiser station wagon, disgust racked his face--disgust, and something else...was it puzzlement, excitement, curiosity? Whatever it was, it was something he chose not to examine too closely for fear it that it might take up residency in his head. "He can't get away with this," Red said. "What kind of parents does he have anyway? I'm just glad that your mother's out of town taking care of your Aunt Claire. How can I tell her about this? It'll break her heart!" "Oh, I don't know; Mom's kind of cool with ga--eh, I mean, there is nothing to tell her; you'll just have her worrying for no reason..." Eric said , grabbing Red's arm. "Come on dad, Buddy's one of the good guys--well, so he's a gay guy, but he's still one of the good guys just the same." Red scowled at Eric, wanting to say something, but his voice had temporarily booked south on him as his mind took him back to the rear seat of the Vita Cruiser. Inward he was shrieking--and he hoped it was from disgust and not from that other creepy feeling he had scurrying around in the back of his brain. "Ok dad, now look-- Buddy didn't convert me or anything, because NOTHING HAPPENED," Eric said, trying forbbiden preteen pics to calm Red's fears. "Believe me, I like girls, always have, always will! Come on, say something...geez, that vein--oh man, you're beginning to really freak me out! What do you plan to do?" Red turned to look at Eric, visibly trying to get a grip on himself. "Do? DO? First, I'm going to tell you to imgrush net preteen get back to work. Second--" "Come on dad, don't--" "And SECOND," Red said, cutting Eric off in mid sentence, "Somebody's gotta set that kid straight!" "Well, it's a little too late for that now," Eric started, then stopped himself after seeing Red's pulsating vein again. "Gee, why are you blowing this all out of whack? It's no big deal!" "Not a big deal? My son gets kissed by a boy and not only does he not kick the kid's ass, he's defending his character!? I suggest you get your butt going and finish whatever it was you were doing before I decide to give you a special preview of what I have in store for that kid and his parents!" Eric started to protest, but Red held up his finger and gave him a look that had Eric saying without hesitation: "Going away now dad!" After a moment, he said: "You know, I think me and the guys will just head over to the drive-in tonight, see a double feature--if I'm lucky maybe a, don't wait up!" And Eric dashed towards the back elevators, thinking to himself: poor Buddy--I hope he has an active insurance policy, or at least a bullet-proof vest! ************************* Red was steamed as he pushed open the stockroom doors leading back to the paint department. He knew he hadn't raised a fruit, but Jesus, sometimes Eric could be such a dumbass and far too trustful of people as well as too forgiving of their foibles. Twitchy and too forgiving, Red thought as he headed towards the cash register. Yeah, preteen porno illegal twitchy, too forgiving, too soft and soooo goddamn sensitive, oh no, let's not forget how so overly sensitive Eric could be to the slightest criticism directed towards him! He approached the salesclerk and asked to see the last few sales receipts. Now, what was that kid's name again? There it was, on the yellow carbon copy: Buddy's full name, address and telephone number which Red promptly copied on a piece of scratch paper, stuffed it into his pants pocket and headed up to his office. A few moments later, sitting behind his desk, sweating through his clothes while the fan in the corner blew warm air around the stuffy windowless room, Red found that he wasn't bothered by the heat as much as by the weird images nn artistic preteen of Eric and Buddy swirling about in his head. First, thoughts of Eric, of how Kitty just plain bikini modesl preteen cottled the boy too much and how he had been such a wreck after breaking up with his girlfriend Donna. And Eric had been the one who called it quits in the first place; and now, after acting like he could never go on without her, now he's ok with them just being friends? When did that change happen? Was it because this Buddy person was somehow back in the picture? Then thoughts about Buddy crept into his head, which preteen art pic Red tried to force out by concentrating on paperwork, but found that the more he tried to focus on the reports, the more Buddy's cute, smiling face began to occupy space french preteen fashion in his head. Damn, a good looking boy like that--attracted to guys? With those cool dark eyes and that impish grin, he could have most girls swooning at his feet if he wanted. That intelligent face, his disarming smile--what a complete waste Red mussed as the moments passed by. Then Red found himself fixated on the number of times Buddy had turned that sweet smile on him downstairs. He leaned back, pushing the chair away from his desk to stretch out his legs and get more comfortable. He wondered why the kid kept looking at him, and why he was so captivated by his pants, which, come to think of it, were suddenly a tad bit more binding now. He looked down at himself and for the first time was aware of what Buddy saw, what anyone with an eye for such things could plainly see outlined behind his light gray pants. "Crap!" Red exclaimed, quickly sitting up and pushing himself back under the desk. No wonder the kid kept staring at his crotch--the goddamn slacks did not leave much to the imagination(there was a good reason Kitty had privately nick-named him Big Red... and it wasn't because he was fond of cinnamon gum). Could this explain why Janet from the credit department at least two or three times a week seemed to accidentally bump into his front or rear while in the lunch line( truth be told, he kinda liked the flirtation and now knew she wasn't near-sighted)? And Anderson from appliances, who Red suspected of being a fruit, seemed to turn up in the john an awful lot whenever Red had to relieve himself. With the slacks getting tighter on him, Red found it easy to just unbuckle his belt, open his pants to completely haul himself out. He never understood why the guy was so impolite as to talk to him before, during and after he took a leak, but now he knew--the cock-hound was just trying to sneak a peek at his goods! And he had been wearing these things in the store for weeks now? How come he wasn't aware of the display his package made until now, only after Buddy's appraisal of his pants? Red had been more concerned with how tight they felt on him than what the tightness revealed. And, he thought to himself, neither Kitty nor Eric noticed? But then, maybe they had, and just didn't say anything. It would be just like Eric to have a laugh over his ill fitting clothes with the guys, just like the time he couldn't wait to tell them about his pants splitting at work. And Kitty--she was always washing the damn things for him; to keep them looking as good as new my ass! As tight as they were now, they probably showed his ass. Well, that settled it--pride be damned! Kitty was right, he had been wrong and those Price Mart cheepies were going straight to Goodwill and she could buy his clothes from Goode-Hedd of London or even Pants Are Us for all he cared, just as long as they didn't shrink when washed. The kid really didn't like girls...he was looking at his bulging pecker, would have looked even if his pants hadn't looked like they had been sprayed on. He had to do something about the kid! Red looked at his watch; it was now three PM. He looked over the paperwork covering his desk, realized that he wouldn't get much more work done today; in fact he didn't accomplish a damn thing this afternoon, being much too distracted by `The Kiss`. Red pulled out the piece of paper with Buddy's info and stared at it for a time. He knew that section of town--ritzy neighborhoods, loaded with doctors, lawyers and even some of the upper management muckity mucks who got to keep their jobs at the plant after laying loyal long time employees like Red off their payroll; neighborhoods with houses surrounded by high brick walls, and wrought-iron fences, hidden cul de sacs and streets without sidewalks because non residences were not encouraged to stroll down those precious avenues and boulevards: if you didn't live there, you didn't belong wandering around there. And out of that pampered, protected environment came someone like this Buddy kid who would never get dirt beneath his manicured fingernails, who couldn't help but be attracted to real men who worked hard for a living like him and Eric. Well, maybe not so much Eric. But he was still a Forman, even though in Buddy's eyes, Eric had to be fried balcony next to Red's grilled prime serloin, but he'd be damned if he let some love struck little swish try to turn his wimp of a son into an even wimpier nelle belle! So Red picked up the phone, planning to call Buddy's home to speak to his father, but then had a better idea. A matter like this should be discussed mano amano. He put down the receiver, put away his work, grabbed his jacket and decided to leave early and drive over to the kid's house to meet his parents face to face. And as he pulled his car out of the Price Mart parking lot, he wondered just how much Buddy would flash that smile of his once he had his little talk with the boy's parents about their kid's sick behavior. Although he took no pleasure in shooting a lightning bolt into the kid's little world, he checked his face in the rearview mirror and couldn't help but notice the little smile there. The smile faltered a bit when a tiny voice inside asked him if he was happy about putting Buddy in his place, or maybe it was because he was going to see Buddy again, this time at his place?********************** When Red pulled up into the circular driveway of Buddy's secluded home, he noticed a few cars and a beat up van parked off to the side and remembered that the kid did say he was having people over. Red hesitated, wondering if it was a good idea to confront the boy's parents at what was obviously a social gathering. Then he thought about what Buddy had done; perhaps Eric wasn't the only the kid approached. But what about the parents? To be fair, did they even suspect their child had homosexual tendencies? How would they react to him, someone they've never seen before, telling them that their kid was a fruit if they didn't have a clue? He knew how he would react if some stranger came to his house and told him and Kitty that Eric was queer--popping the guy in the mouth would be the first thing on a long list of variations on a theme, that being the infliction of as much pain to the human body as possible. "Dammit," Red muttered to himself. Maybe it wasn't his place to butt in, at least not without bringing his proof with him and his reluctant proof was either pushing a broom back at the store, or avoiding Red's wrath by hiding out at the movies. Red eyed the large house's elegant facade and put his car back into gear. "You've got a temporary reprieve kid," Red said as his car slowly continued around the driveway. It was when he saw a small figure in a swimsuit run from around the side of the house that he stopped the car and stared. Another figure, also in a skimpy swimsuit ran from the side of the house. Faintly, Red heard music coming from the house and sensed that the party was rocking . And he nearly lost it as he observed the two boys kissing each other as they disappeared around the back of the large house. "Well, son-of-a-bitch!" Red exclaimed, as he hopped out of the car and stormed back towards the house. He pounded hard on the door face after banging on it with the lion head knocker resulted in no answer. He could hear muffled music coming from the other side, possibly drowning out the knocking. He walked around the side of the house, following the hedge-lined stone walkway the two boys had used. The walkway brought him to a back patio, where bizarre rock music blared from the other side of the house's open patio doors, and the raucous laughter of the two boys could be heard by a fair sized swimming pool. It was a party and Red watched in morbid fascination as the two boys he saw kissing leapt arm and arm into the pool, making a huge splash, some of which fell upon a third teenager lounging in a deck chair. "Oh my God," Red muttered as he wandered into the boys' view, "It's a friggin' Homo hoe-down!" The teen on the side of the pool who got splashed bolted up out of the chair as Red approached. "Hey old dude," he yelled. "Who are you? This is a private party you know!" He walked towards nubile preteen nudes Red as the two in the pool swam over and climbed out. Red looked over the three slender boys as they stood in a row facing him. The two swimmers stood slightly behind and off to the side behind the teen who had challenged Red. They appeared to be between twelve and fourteen years of age, their lithe, wet bodies glistening in the late afternoon sun. The other boy appeared to be older, maybe seventeen or eighteen, with long dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes. He had a surly, defiant look on his thin face. He had attitude with a capital `A`, much like Steven once had before Kitty invited him to live with them. Whatever rebellious, bad ass scowl he may now wear when around Eric, Kelso and the Foreign Kid, the only lip he gave him and Kitty espoused only words of respect and courtesy. That was obviously not going to be the case with this young hippie wannabe. "Do--do you boys live here?" Red asked and gawked as the two younger boys slipped their arms around each others' shoulders and they stared hard at Red, who recognized that stare and was sorry he had left his jacket in the car. He moved his hands down to clasp them in front of himself, blocking his crotch from the boys' view, who both let loose with a loud, disappointed "Awwwwwwwwww!!!" "You first Dad," the long haired teenager said. Red frowned at the kid who obviously wasn't intimidated by the presence of an adult stranger. This one was a real smartass, Red could just feel it and took an instant dislike to him. "Look, I'm here to see Buddy's parents," Red stated, trying not to stare at the two young teenage boys, who slowly approached him still hugging each other loosely. "Preferably his father." "Why?" the blonde asked snidely, defiantly folding his arms. "Max, don't be so rude to this mmmmmman!" cooed one of the boys. "Shut up Pete," Max said. "Why don't you listen to the kid," Red said eyeing the young tough. "My business with Buddy's parents is just that--mine. Why don't you go tell Buddy I'm here--he knows me." "Hey, what's going on?" came a voice from behind them. Red turned to face a short teenager, this one was wearing yellow shorts and a white shirt buttoned at the collar, standing at the patio doors. He had on large thick black rimmed glasses and his reddish hair was parted down the middle. To Red, the kid looked like a Casper, a Percy or a Poindexter; Steven or Kelso would have called the boy a dork. "This dude wants to see Buddy's parents Donny," Max answered. "Well then, show the gentleman in," Donny said, moving aside, ushering Red into the house with an exaggerated wave of his arm. "Do you think that's a good idea?" Max asked, stepping forward while the other two boys grabbed some towels and followed them into the house. "We got--things going on here--" As Red stepped pass Donny, Donny moved by him to reach Max, his hand brushing lightly across Red's butt. Red flinched and turned to confront the boy but by then he and Max were whispering intensely. The two boys squeezed quickly pass Red, one behind him, the other in front and Red was felt up across his crotch and his butt. "Dammit, stop touch--" Red began, standing stiffly in the doorway. "Sorry Mister," the boy named Pete said, "But you're blocking the doorway--" "He says he knows Bud," Donny said as he and Max both squeezed by Red and accidentally on purpose rubbed the flustered man's soft crotch as he leaned against the glass sliding door. "We'll let Bud decide if he wants to see him," Donny continued. Both he and Max acted as if they hadn't just openly grouped a stranger in the kitchen of their friend's home, pretending that the rubs were accidental and confusing Red, who wasn't sure if he was being hit on or not. "Well," Max said, as he, Donny and the other two watched Red still standing in the patio doorway trying to figure out what was going on, "Are you coming in or not?" "This way--Sir," Donny said as the group moved towards the living room. Red focused on the reason why he had come to the house in the first place and pulled himself together. He also noticed how the kid mockingly called him sir. So dispite looking like a bookworm refugee from Camp Please Kick My Wimpy Butt, this punk was just another smart ass. Red found himself in a spacious living area, loud music blasting from a large stereo console set against one wall. A big fireplace was built into the opposite wall and the room itself was sparsely dotted with modern-designed furniture. Max walked over and turned off the stereo while the two boys plopped themselves on the black leather couch. Across from the couch, separated by a low dark glass coffee table was a plush black leather chair. Donny looked at Red and pointed to the chair. "Have a seat," he said. "I'll let Bud know you're here, mister--" "Red Forman. I really rather speak to one of his parents. I'll try not to take up too much of their time." Donny just nodded and left the room, Max quickly on his heels. They stopped before a large doorless opening at the far end of the room. They stood there talking quietly, but intently, throwing glances back towards Red for a few moments before walking down the stairs leading to the lower rec. room. Red found that the overly soft chair almost swallowed him up. It was angled so that he was forced to sit further back in the seat, forcing him to spread his legs wide, preventing him from crossing them, which is what he would have preferred. The two boys sat on the couch across from him, smiling broadly, enjoying the view Red's crotch presented to them. "I'm Pete," the brown haired kid said. "He's Jon, no `h`," he said indicating the slightly taller boy whose hair was cut close to his scalp. Red didn't reply, but just scowled. No one talked after that. Red just looked at the two boys staring at his crotch. "Don't you boys know that it's impolite to stare?" Red finally asked them, anger coloring his voice. The boys just continued to gawk at the impressive bulge. Red forced himself to sit quickly forward and spat out: "Beat it Tinker Bells, before I take my belt to the two of you!" Pete and Jon leapt up and ran off towards the rec. room, giggling as they ran and Red thought he heard one of them say: "Oh, I wish we could play with him! I bet he won't be as boring as that handyman!" For a time Red sat alone in the room as the minutes ticked away. While he sat, he impatiently tapped the arms of the chair with his fingers while unconsciously opening and closing his legs. By doing this, he caught a mild whiff from his crotch. He then sniffed his left arm pit and noticed that he was giving off a slight sweaty scent. He was glad he wouldn't be taking off his shoes anytime soon. He began to think about the image he would be presenting to Buddy's parents, with his sleeves folded back preteen portals on his forearms, his tie hanging loose, wearing pants that were both too short and too tight, obviously in need of a bath, and little ebony preteens he would be telling them that their son had a major problem. Red started to believe once again that the timing was bad, that maybe he should cool off, take a long shower, change his clothes, and have something to eat. Maybe if he saw them tomorrow, he would be in a better frame of mind and not be so fired up. The sakura preteen meeting might be of a less dramatic tone, and with Eric by his side, they'll understand that he didn't plan to bring turmoil nn preteen videos to their family. Oh, who was he kidding...finding out your child was homosexual would bring nothing but turmoil. But preteen images bbs the mood he was currently in would be like throwing a match onto a pool of gasoline. Besides, he was really tired of waiting. He looked at his watch again, and grumbled. Finally, Red lost his patience. "Aww, nuts to this," he said and stood up to leave. Just then, from the far end of the room, he heard someone coming up the stairs. It was Buddy, wearing nothing but a pair of jean cut offs. Next to him stood Max, surly as ever. "Well, twice in one day," Buddy said, crossing crossing the room and flashing that smile of his.Red notice that he wasn't wearing any shoes or socks, and was quite lean and muscular for his age, something that had been well hidden beneath the blazer and turtle neck combo he'd worn earlier at the store. "What brings you to my home Mr. Forman?" Red looked over at Max standing by the open doorway smirking at him, then he returned his attention to Buddy. Suddenly, his emotions began to surge beneath his skin, knowing now what he knew about this kid and what he had tried to do to Eric. His confusion about the nature of teen homosexuality and anger that he had to deal with it at all, not to mention being a witness to those two boys getting touchy feely with each other, revived his commitment to confront the boy's parents. "I need to speak to your parents," Red said, folding his arms across his chest. "Maybe just your father if he is available." Buddy sat down upon the couch, looking up at the man. "My father?" he asked. "Why do you need to talk to him? I don't believe the two of you have ever met before." "We haven't," Red stated, glaring at the boy and suddenly in a series of flashes saw him kissing Eric over and over again. Red's vein began to throb as he shook the images from his mind. "Have you no shame?" he hissed. Buddy suddenly stood up, clasping his hands behind his back. He shot a quick glance at Max, who nodded and went down the stairs. He turned back to Red. "Pardon me?' he asked. " `Pardon me?`" Red mimicked. He looked naked preteen blog him up and down, shaking his head. "Do your parents even suspect what the hell you are?" "Just what, exactly, do you think I am Mr. Forman?" "You want to make me say the word? Look, just get your father in here; I'll say what I have to say, then I'll leave you and your friends to your little org--your little party. Jeez, I'm surprised you have the nerve to do it under their noses! I'm pretty sure though that once I've said my piece, they'll put a stop to it right quick." "Put a stop to what? I'm throwing a little party, preteens models pix to celebrate the completion of a science project my friend Donny and I completed--well almost; there's some more testing ahead, but it looks good, so far. We're just having a good time, that's all." Red lowered his arms to his side and frowned at Buddy, who just returned Red's stare. Then his eyes dropped to gaze a Red's crotch preteen video thumbs and he let out a deep breath. "Look you little--just go tell your dad I want to speak with him." Buddy moved away from Red, looking down at the carpet, smiling to himself. "Oh, I get it," he said. "Eric told you preteen florida pics what happened, didn't he?" Red stood there stiffly, rapidly clutching and unclutching his left hand. Buddy looked up and turned to face him. "I'm sure Eric explained it all to you," Buddy continued. "There really was nothing to the incident. I misread some signals, made an unwelcome advance. I apologized, Eric accepted, we moved on. Granted, he was shocked at first, but after we sorted things out, he was cool about it. If he really had been so upset by my little display of affection, he never confronted or shunned me. In fact, I still consider Eric to be a friend, and he's never acted awkward around me. So, I don't understand why he suddenly felt the need to tell you about an innocent kiss between friends that happened so long ago." "My God," Red fumed, "Innocent kiss between friends? You're both guys for cring out loud-- I don't care if it happened a hundred years ago! What the hell is wrong with you kids today? I had to practically drag the story out of Eric--" "So, you basically made him tell you," Buddy stated, confirming what he had suspected was the truth. "Damn right," Red said vigorously shaking his head. "But he argrees with you, that it was nothing, `no big deal`! Hell, in my day--" "But this is a new day Mr. Forman," Buddy interrupted. "I like guys, always have, always will. And I'm not ashamed of it, that's why I took a chance at Eric. If he had reacted like a macho homophobe asshole, like you are now, I just would had to deal with the repercussions from kissing preteen females naked him--" "Hey, did you just call me an ass--" "My radar usually works pretty good, so I thought Eric was gay. But he's not, and he's secure enough to not be threaten by a kiss. Don't you know that about your son?" "I know he's a little wimpy sometimes; that's probably the reason why you tried to preteens nature magazine hit on him in the first place, thought he was one of your kind." "Naw, Eric is just a good soul. I will tell you a little secret though--truth be told, I'm really attracted to older men. Strong, confident mature like yourself, Sir." "W-What!?" Red stuttered as an uneasy mixture of shock, disgust and--yes, flattery rose to do battle inside his head. "God yes," Buddy sighed. "Max thinks I'm warped, but I just can't help it. Do you even realize how attractive you are, in that dangerous Angry Daddy sort of way? I know guys who would give anything to worship the feet of a man like you whether the praise was wanted or not." "Praise my feet? What kind of sick crap is that--what kind of person do you think I am?" "Well, I don't know," Buddy said, flashing his smile while he again looked at Red's crotch. "There are Daddy-Lovers and the Daddies they love. You have latent curiosity tendencies maybe? Wearing those tight pants, I thought maybe you didn't quite know how to make contact, that you were maybe still in the closet, but sort of advertising your availability by show-casing, not very subtly I might add, the eh, `gifts` the good Lord gave to you." Red moved his hands in front of himself and actually blushed. The hell with Good-Will...he was going to personally burn every last pair of the goddamn Price Mart nutbusters tonight! "I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever cruised you Mr. Forman if this is what you wear all the time, so you better get used to it or change your attire." "This is Point Place, not friggin' San Francisco," Red said, feeling strange listening to the kid's preteen topless 12yo appraisal. He wasn't Frankenstein, but he never thought of himself as handsome, not in the Hollywood Leading Man sense and he was proud of that. He was just an average guy with average looks and now he's being told that his appearance is a turn-on--but the ones being turned-on are guys! "I really think you should try to understand what gays feel," Buddy continued. "Maybe some of your tension could be--" "I don't want to understand it! And if there's any tension here, I bet it's all yours because dispite all this gay-pride crap, I bet you haven't told your parents about your--inclinations have you?" Red watched Buddy try to hide his reaction and saw apprehension cross the kid's face before he had a chance to hide it behind his usual casual expression. "Ahhh," Red said, "So I'm right--they don't know you're queer." "Mr. Forman, I've never pretended to have girlfriends, although some of my friends are girls. To my parents, it's not an issue whether I'm dating or not. I believe they are like a lot of parents out there...they may suspect their children of behavior they may disapprove of, but for piece of mind, prefer to just look the other way, rather then confront them with their suspicions; sort of out of sight, out of mind? But you wouldn't know anything about that now, would you Mr. Forman?" Red coughed uncomfortably, remembering how he and Kitty sometimes avoided going down into their own basement japanese preteens photos when Eric, Steven, Kelso and the Foreign Kid hung out behind the closed door of the utility room to engage in guy-talk, and lit incense--to clear their thoughts Eric had told them. And Red and Kitty accepted the silly explanation, because it was just that--an explanation. Smart ass kid, Red thought to himself. Tossing aside his self examination, he clasped his hands behind his back and regained his composure. "This isn't about me," he began, only to have Buddy cut him off. "But I think it is about you. You're the one who's upset, you came fling over here, not Eric, because he gets it. Did you even talk to him? I bet you did but he didn't tell pre teens nudist you what you wanted to hear. I bet you told him that he should have beat me up or something like that--" "Hey! I don't have time for this crap! My wife's out of town, Eric and his pals are going to the drive-in, I'm going to have a well deserved night alone for myself to enjoy and I've already wasted way too much time here as it is, so let me speak to your father now and I`ll leave you to style." Buddy stared at Red for a moment or two, then sighed loudly. "So you want to tell them about what I did to Eric, even though he wasn't bothered by it?" "Eric's my son, but he's naive. People with your, eh...tendencies....self control is the issue here...I mean, just look at your friends, hugging and kissing--those two young boys should be playing football, not even thinking about girls yet, let alone boys! Maybe all of your parents should be told too; nip this in the bud right now...maybe they can find doctors, some drug or I don't know, shock therapy, what ever it'll take to cure your affliction. Anyway, I'm not leaving until I talk to your father--so, get him NOW." Buddy gave Red a cold stare. Then his face went neutral and he walked over to the doorway, still looking at Red. "Hey guys!" he shouted downstairs. "Tell dad to get off the phone. We have a quest who would like to speak with him." "He said to bring him down," came a voice from below. "He's hanging up now." Buddy nodded for Red to cross the room while he went down the first two steps and waited for Red to follow. Red frowned and hesitated for a moment. He looked at his watch, then followed Buddy downstairs walking a few steps behind. "Mom's not here at the moment," Buddy said over his shoulder. "Dad sometimes like to use the rec. room instead of his den when he has calls to make." At the bottom of the stairs, Buddy turned to his right and led Red into a larger room full of free weights, benches, and excersise equipment. There was a door off to the side leading into another room, and towards the center, a dumpy old couch stood with a TV and VCR on a stand in front of it. Next to the TV was a video recording camera facing the couch, and a few paces away was a large table scattered with video cassette tapes, cans free sweet preteens of beer empty and full, ashtrays, a plastic mask and tubing, liqueur bottles and a few baggies full of green stuff. There was also a small metal container whose label was partially hidden, but C-H-L-O-R could be seen. Red took in what appeared to be the boys' party room, and he also noticed a pungent plant like aroma. The smell lolta nude preteen permitted the windowless fluorescent lit room preteen fuck pic and Red found it incredible that the boy's father didn't know what was going on down in the rec. room if he was really down here on the phone. There were a couple of foam mats on the floor and Red stood on a blue one. He put his hands on his hips, turning away from Buddy as Buddy suddenly moved away from him. "All right, where is he?" Red asked. Suddenly the door flung open and Max, Jon and Pete rushed out, knocking Red face down upon the mat. The boys flipped him over and straddled his body, Jon and Pete holding down each leg, Max sitting on his stomach, holding down his arms, preteen pleasure models his face inches away from Red and his long hair falling around the man's head. "What the--you punks get the hell off me!" Red yelled, struggling helplessly against the combined strength of the boys. Max stuck out his tongue so Red could see a tiny black pill sitting on the tip, then moved his face in closer to Red. Showing him an evil, sexy smile, he quickly grabbed Red's head with his hands and roughly kissed him. Red's eyes widen in shock as he felt the boy's tongue duel with his own, then felt the pill pushed down his throat. He grabbed Max's head, trying to stop the boy from frenching him. Max reached over with his hands and stuck them hard into Red's sweaty arm pits and began to tickle him. Red dropped his hands from Max's head, drew in his arms and began laughing hysterically and bucking his body. "Oh, ticklish are we?" Max said, alternating his fingers between the man's armpits and his ribs. Red was laughing so hard that he wasn't aware that Buddy had kneeled down by his head and had a long rubber tube attached to a large funnel. He grabbed Red's head with his knees and clamped down tight to stop him from thrashing his head about as Max continued tickling him. Buddy then gently slid the tube into Red's open, laughing mouth and down his throat while the man gagged and laughed. At that moment, Donny stepped over holding a large bottle of clear brown liquid in one hand and dropped a small black pill down the funnel. He then poured the liquid down the funnel and Red felt a hot rush in his throat as the fluid washed the pill into his system. It was whiskey! They were trying to get him drunk, he thought. "Stop tickling him," Donny said. "The guy might choke." Buddy pulled the funnel and tube out of Red's mouth and after about ten minutes or so, the boys finally got off of him as Red preteen link underage lay gasping on the mat. "How long this time before the stuff kicks in?" Jon asked. "It won't take as long as the handyman will it?" "This is sort of an unexpected gift," Donny said. "I gave preteen photo anime him a stonger dose to hurry things along. So mixed with the booze and the tabs of California Black Shine, the HRX compound should have him soaring above the stratosphere anytime now." "I'll start the VCR." Max said. "Say, how's our first guinea pig doing, by the way?" Pete went into the room they had used to hide in waiting to ambush Red. He came out giggling. "Donny, that stuff's preteen japanese porno amazing! Even with his hands tied, he had a boner and as soon as he saw me he shot jism all over himself!" "You mean, he shot off without touching himself?" Jon asked in amazement. "Yeah!" Pete answered. "And you better believe I ain't cleaning him up!" "Too bad your dad and his research team at Chemitech don't know about our little experiment, eh Donny?" Max said. He was watching with amusement as Red tried, with some difficulty, to sit up. "They'll spend years testing this stuff on animals while we got the results right here that their little experimental aphrodisiac works on humans!" "Oh, dad knows," Donny said quietly to himself as Buddy squatted down before Red who had finally managed to sit up, supporting himself with his arms. "Now we have two test subjects," Buddy said. "Now we'll see just how potent HRX is, even if the subject is full of acid and JD! Hey, Forman--you still with us?" Buddy snapped his fingers in front of Red's face. Red's mind was swirling with strange, confusing sensations and it was difficult to concentrate. His eyes crossed, and it was so hard to keep them focused and his head up. He opened his mouth to speak and it felt like someone had stuffed cotton in it. "Wha--whadid ja kissss doo too meeee...." he muttered, and shook his head hard, trying to clear his vision and loosen his tongue. "Let's get him on the couch," Buddy said, grabbing one of Red's arms. The boys helped plop him down in the middle of the sofa where Red slumped, staring straight ahead. When his vision had cleared a bit, Red noticed that a TV was on and what was on the screen was like nothing he'd ever seen on TV before. He was watching two young men talking in what appeared to be a public restroom, when one of the men kneeled down in front of the other and-- Red's eyes bulged as he saw the guy on his knees reach into the other guy's pants, pulled out his hard cock and began to suck him off! Red sluggishly started to turn his head away, when suddenly a plastic mask was placed over the lower part of his face held in place by elastic straps. Connected to the mask was a long, thick rubber hose held by Donny, who had been sucking in the smoke from a fat joint. He exhaled the smoke into the tube which flowed directly into Red's face who, dispite coughing at first, began to breath in the sweet smoke. Donny quickly passed the joint to Max, who inhaled and the exhaled the smoke into the tube. He then passed it down the line, to Pete, Jon and Buddy who then passed it back to Donny who then repeated the process which was repeated over and over again until the joint was nothing more than a tiny roach which was then tossed into an ashtray with other cold, discarded butts. "Should I light another one?" Pete asked, ready to continue doing his bit for the Great Sex Experiment. "Let's have a look at the test subject first," Donny said, removing Red's mask. "We don't want to completely knock him out." Red's eyes were glazed and half closed. He had the most peaceful, serene grin on his face and was even more relaxed than before: his head was leaning against the back of the couch, darling preteen nudes his legs spread wide open while his arms lay limply next to his thighs. He was adrift in a sea of bliss and he wasn't returning anytime soon to shore. "No, I don't think we need